Apple Appears to be on Quite the Roll

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Apple’s strategy is taking shape these days and people are liking it. The stock market is expressing this well. After its initial downturn from about $330 to $250 at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, it closed today at around $390. This is to say, at the least, very impressive.

A 2 Trillion Dollar Company

In the article “Apple could be worth $2 trillion by year-end: analyst” this analyst explains that Apple could be a two Trillion dollar company by the end of the year. She is not the only financial analyst seeing it this way.

Financial Analysts keep bumping up the stock’s target price rate frequently. This is because Apple, which does well generally, has been on a roll since the release of the iPhone 11 series last fall. This product line was greeted with rave reviews. As such, iPhones, which make up a large part of Apple’s profit are selling like hotcakes while other vendors are having difficulties. Samsung is a good case in point. Just as COVID was about to hit, they introduced their most expensive Galaxy line to date and which was greeted with justified mixed reviews. The product is not selling well and they were one of Apple’s biggest competitors. The S20s they introduced were simply far too much money for an Android product.

Re-Engineering their Product Line

Apple had a problem. They had products that were starting to look very confusing to the consumer from a what should I buy perspective. Their lines were inconsistent. For instance, in the iPhone 11 line, there were three phones. The iPhone 11 was the starter but it had an LCD screen and although it wasn’t the most expensive phone it wasn’t cheap.

Then in the Pro line, there was the 11 Pro and then the Pro Max. The 11 Pro had an AMOLED screen but was 5.8” which is smaller than the iPhone 11 at 6.1”. Finally, there was the max Pro which was $100 USD more than the Pro but it had a whopping 6.5” screen.

So what do you buy? You love the size of the iPhone 11 but want Amoled. Here, you go smaller and get the 11 Pro or way larger and get the Pro Max. In all cases, the 11 only lacked one camera and was significantly cheaper. What do you buy as in this lineup you’re going to be a bit dissatisfied unless you have your heart set on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and here you might regret spending so much. Further, it comes with 64 gigs of memory which just simply isn’t enough in 2020. In this phone, you can’t get the 128 gig option and have to go for 256 gigs for another $200. There are accounts of many users who in hindsight wished they hadn’t done it.

Apple’s Coming Products are very Consistent

From top to bottom. The lineup of the computers to the iPhones will be logical and much easier to figure out what to buy. For instance, in the leaked iPhone 12 material there are four phones starting 5.4″ to two 6.1” and finally to the Max which is 6.7”. Along with the recently introduced budget phone the iPhone SE, there is now a phone for everyone. All phones come with AMOLED screens (except the se) and the storage will likely be larger at least on the pro models.

Apple’s notebook is shaping up this way and in addition, the tech is being greeted well by analysand users.


Apple is now well into the services game. This provides guaranteed ongoing revenue. Apple Music has gone over extremely well along with Apple+ television. Further, even their credit card has been well received so you could say they’re playing in the financial services industry.

Looking Good

Pretty well everything that Apple is delivering or plans to deliver seems spot on. Things haven’t looked so good since Steve Job’s passing. Does Apple deserve to be a 2 Trillion dollar company? Most assuredly as they’re doing it right!

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